In my lessons, students learn proper breathing technique, placement, appropriate posture, and warm-ups that help to establish good vocal technique. We work on repertoire appropriate to the age and skill level of the student. I also teach musicianship and help students prepare for recitals and auditions.

Lessons are:

$40 for 30 minutes; $55 for 45 minutes; $70 for 60 minutes

$5 fee for traveling to student’s home

If you are interested in lessons or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: Jennifer.Alexis.Mitchell@gmail.com

Student and Parent Testimonials

“Jennifer became our daughter’s voice teacher several years ago.  Jennifer is a wonderful role model for young singers.  She is encouraging, honest, fun, and hard-working while also keeping her students on task.  She is responsive to both her students’ needs and dreams and their parents’ questions.  Our daughter has developed as a musician and singer with Jennifer’s supportive guidance.  Jennifer is also a gifted singer and performer, which inspires her students.”  – Julie & John M.

“Jennifer Mitchell is a bright, bubbly, amazing teacher who is always open to help me. She plays a big role in my life, and I always look toward seeing her in my voice lessons. She is smart and helpful, and she always knows how to make you learn more. I always tell my mom, I learn something new everyday. Jennifer knows how to make you work hard, but has one of the biggest hearts I know. Thank you, Jennifer, for always teaching me and being a one of a kind teacher who I look forward seeing everyday.” – Kylie, age 14

“I would highly recommend Jennifer Mitchell–she has been my voice teacher for about 2 years now, and I couldn’t ask for a better, more encouraging, fun, highly knowledgeable instructor! She is very well trained, but also is able to work with each student very personally to communicate metaphors or examples or exercises that will allow the student to grow and improve. I’ve really enjoyed working with her, and she has taught me so much about my voice and how to use it, especially since I started as a beginner!” -Jana, age 15